We all love to a look at a healthy lawn. The summer time is one of the best times to take in this fabulous view. How many of you know how to protect and maintain your lawn regularly? Here are some helpful suggestions to help you out. Follow just one of these suggestions, and your lawn will look green and lush all summer long.

1) Keep the 1/3 rule in mind. Never let your lawn get too thin. If you do, your lawn will feel anxious and stressed. In some case, your lawn could end up getting sick. If you cut it down more than 1/3, your lawn will burn out. Do yourself a favor and take measurements before you do the trimming. Once you see it getting to that point, stop.

2) Make sure that your blades of grass are at their highest point. Did you know that high grass will lead to deep roots? It will. The deeper the root, the healthier your grass will be. It will keep away pests and disease. When drought hits, your grass will be able to weather it much more efficiently.

3)Use sharp blades when cutting the grass. Sharper blades will lead to a cleaner cut, a healthier cut. When you use a less-than sharp blade, you end up with a choppy cut. Your grass won’t look right. It won’t grow right.

4) Always, and I do mean always use fertilizer. Now you have to use it at the right time. It’s important to use it right at the beginning, when you first do the planting. After that, consult with a professional. Using fertilizer at the wrong time will lead to an unhealthy growth. It could also lead to more problems down the road. As I said, talk to a professional weed man to know when to use it.


Brown circles and other dry areas are not a good thing. If you see this happening, this is a sign. It’s a sign of fungal and other diseases. The insects are causing problems. The area has burnouts. When you do see this happening, take care of it right away. Don’t put this off. If you do, it will linger to other areas of your lawn. If it gets really bad, your whole lawn will be in jeopardy. Don’t let it get this far.

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